Janitorial Supplies & Cleaning Products

At Office Care we have many years of experience in the cleaning sector. We know that the correct janitorial supplies and cleaning products are essential for a high standard of cleaning. We are passionate about our cleaning products as we know they stand you in the best position hygienically as well as environmentally.

At Office Care we have always aimed to use environmentally friendly cleaning products such as micro-fibre dusters a cloths which reduce the need for harsh chemicals, eco-friendly vacuum cleaners and we always ensure to use as little plastic as possible and always recycle what we do use.

It is this dedication to green cleaning that has led us to supply our own janitorial supplies and cleaning products. Our own Crocblock, for example, is an Office Care product that has no need for harmful chemicals. The Crocblock is designed to aid in cleaning and freshening toilets and waste pipes by using billions of friendly bacteria to help eliminate the bacteria that are making your toilet unpleasant and dirty. Office Care’s Crocblock does not require flushing and can save approximately 155,000 litres of water annually from just one urinal.

If environmentally friendly cleaning is something you are interested in then do not hesitate to give us a call. We have been developing products that we know from experience will not only make great cleaning products but also have a positive effect environmentally.

If you would like more information about the janitorial supplies and cleaning products we offer then give us a call in Derby, 01332 332 332 or Nottingham, 01158 456 522 and we would love to help you.