Education & Local Authority Cleaning

Here at Office Care we understand just how important a clean and hygienic work place or class room can be. An unclean office or class room can not only be detrimental to your work and learning but also to your health.

When it comes to class rooms, cleanliness is key. It is so important to have an uncluttered learning environment to allow everyone to learn effectively and comfortably. The same applies when providing cleaning services for local authorities. A clear work space means a clear mind which is why we always clean to the very highest standard.

Class rooms and offices, as we all know, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses so it is even more important to choose a high quality cleaning company for your educational and local authority cleaning to try to minimise the spread of illness. Illness is never fun which is why we pride ourselves on providing a hygienic working and learning environment for both children and adults.

At Office Care we specialise in a fast, efficient and high quality cleaning regime where we can provide daily cleaning services to all aspects of an educational and local authority facility including class rooms, offices, sports facilities, exterior cleaning and washrooms. Our dedicated workforce, can provide the highest standard of cleaning suited to your specific needs.

All our operatives cleaning in educational buildings such as schools and nurseries undergo strict security checks include CRB checks. They must wear an Office Care uniform and ID badge at all times when they are onsite.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about our education and local authority cleaning services that please do not hesitate to contact us at either our Derby or Nottingham office, or email us at